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BMA comment on New Pay Deal for Civilian GPs employed by Ministry of Defence

(issued Friday 24 Oct 2008)

The BMA announced today (Friday, 24 October 2008) that it has formally written to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to accept a new pay proposal for GPs working for the MoD, known as Civilian Medical Practitioners* (CMPs), and a restructuring of their pay scales. The new pay deal includes recognition for supplementary skills as well as the Doctors' and Dentists' Review Body uplift agreed in April, leaving an average pay increase of 6.7%.

Dr Sarah Hollis, CMP representative on the BMA’s Armed Forces Committee said:

“It has been very difficult to recruit and retain CMPs because they are paid much less than doctors working for the NHS. CMPs carry out a role similar to GPs and the MoD only has about three-quarters of the number it needs. We have agreed to accept this year’s pay deal and hope it will go someway to help recruit new CMPs and retain the current workforce.”

She added:

“We will look to negotiate further improvements for CMPs next year.”


Notes to editors

*Civilian Medical Practitioners carry out duties akin to those of a General Practitioner in the NHS. They provide primary care for service personnel and, mainly in Germany, for dependent families and Civil Servants supporting the Armed Forces. The MOD employs approximately 140 Civilian Medical Practitioners.

Key features of the new deal include:
    • An average pay increase of 6.7 per cent has been agreed with the MoD (Ministry of Defence) along with a new basic salary structure.
    • A pay increase ranging from 3 to 10.3 per cent
    • A 3 per cent supplementary skills allowance for all accredited CMPS
    • The pay offer will be backdated from April 1, 2008 when it begins this December.
    • The new scale has 16 points through which CMPs can move, compared to only four previously.
    • The offer includes the 2.2% pay increase awarded by the DDRB

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