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Results for March 2015 - 5 press releases.

BMA response to University of Manchester study into the Quality and Outcomes Framework

Thu 5 Mar 2015

Responding to the University of Manchester's study into the Quality and Outcomes Framework, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA GP committee chair, said: “The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QoF) was never intended to be judged or analysed on the number of premature deaths in certain disease areas, not least as death rates are affected by numerous factors, including levels of social deprivation.

BMA response to GMC report on bullying and undermining of doctors

Thu 5 Mar 2015

Dr Mark Porter, BMA council chair responds to the launch of the Building a Supportive Environment report by the GMC, which aims to tackle bullying and undermining of doctors, especially doctors in training.

Consultants call for No More Games with the NHS

Wed 4 Mar 2015

BMA consultant committee chair, Dr Paul Flynn, addresses consultants from across the UK at the BMA's annual Consultant Conference, and calls for No More Games to be played with the NHS

BMA response to review into Morecambe Bay

Wed 4 Mar 2015

Dr Mark Porter, BMA council chair say that staff, management and regulators all have a joint responsibility to promote the ethos that patient care and safety must come before all else

British Medical Association (BMA) response to BBC survey findings that more than half of GPs expect to leave profession early

Mon 2 Mar 2015

Responding to the BBC survey which found that more than half of GPs expect to leave the profession early, Dr Krishna Kasaraneni, GP and BMA education, training and workforce committee chair, who features in tomorrow's Inside Out programme, said: “The BMA has been warning for some time that there is a real and serious GP workforce crisis emerging across the country. GP services are under unprecedented workload pressure, with practices seeing record numbers of patients - 40 million more annually than in 2008 – against a background of mounting bureaucracy and falling resources.