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Results for February 2016 - 6 press releases.

BMA appoints new national director, Wales (BMA Wales)

Thu 4 Feb 2016

The British Medical Association has appointed Rachel Podolak as its new national director, Wales.

Leading doctors call for better training and support for health care professionals in the UK, to help prevent, diagnose and manage Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Thu 4 Feb 2016

In a revised BMA report1, leading doctors' call for better training and support to help healthcare professionals in the UK prevent, diagnose and manage fetal alcohol spectrum disorder(FASD), and reduce the number of children affected each year.

Half of GP practices report patient care is “deteriorating" as GP services buckle under rising workload, warns new BMA survey

Wed 3 Feb 2016

More than half of GP practices believe the quality of care they deliver is deteriorating because of rising workload according to a new BMA survey of almost 2,900 GP practices in England.

Junior doctors confirm industrial action for 10 February as Government puts politics before patients

Mon 1 Feb 2016

Talks to agree a new junior doctor contract have foundered following the Government's continued refusal to put reason before politics in agreeing a fair solution for an already overstretched junior doctor workforce.

Government needs to address problems facing care home services, warns GP leaders

Mon 1 Feb 2016

Responding to a motion passed at the Special Conference of Local Medical Committees, Dr Chaand Nagpaul said: “This motion highlights the need for patients in care homes to be given proper, safe and quality care. Currently, GP services are hugely overstretched, with a shortage of doctors and nurses. Many GP practices are struggling to provide care to the sheer number of patients walking through surgery doors daily. 150,000 more patients visit a GP surgery each day compared to seven years ago, but GP services have not been given the additional services to cope with this demand.

GP leader warns patient safety at risk as general practice faces an “emergency" situation

Mon 1 Feb 2016

The leader of the UK's GPs has warned that patient safety is being compromised as general practice faces an “emergency" situation caused by GP services being starved of resources and staff. Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA GP committee chair, issued his warning in his keynote speech on Saturday, 30 January to the Special Conference of Local Medical Committees being held in London. In his speech, Dr Nagpaul, said: “Patients are being short-changed on a daily basis, with nine in ten GPs stating that workload pressures are damaging the quality of care to patients1. This is a disgrace in a system in which the government promotes quality and safety as central to the NHS.